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Ramblekosong: awesome!!!! make me smile everyday

' credit to Google
salam guys..coming back!!!'s quite long time i'm  not updating my blog
hahaha...anyway now back to routine ...i will try my best to update my blog 
everyday if possible...yeah i belief on me...eceh2...=)...actually  i had joined
the programmed called My Career My Future (MCMF) almost 2 week i guest
hehehe...that programmed is basically focus on how to developed soft skill and
prepared all the  fresh graduate for the interview..its quite fun and enjoyable
programmed. The most important that this programmed taught me a lot on my
confidence.We had karaoke activities... role  and it's not boring at the 

first i really not interested on this kind of programmed but now cant wait to go 

to the people always said..

" Tak kenal maka tak cinta" i fall in love with this programme...=) 

The best part was my classmate...hehehe..they are rock dude!!!! seriously