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Do you speak your mind?

quiz yg di jwab dgn sangat tak ikhlas...coz it's just for bwh nie soalan- soalan yang aku kena jawab....

1. you r having a party, and you r have a couple of friend over. one friend whisper into another friend's ear,looking at you. you :
my answer: ask why they staring at you( mmg saje je nak carik pasal la tue.. tgk2 org de hutang ke...)

2. what would you most likely be doing at party
my answer: eating(dah tue nak wat pe..tak kan nak tgk orang pulak...da name pun party..cnfrim carik    makan dulu..ngeh..ngeh..)

3. how do you think people would describe you
my answer: funny(ramai org cakap yang aku nie kelakar...kelakar ke??...mmg sangat confius ..)

4.what would you rather do right now?
my answer: draw/watch tv/text/read/computer/ something else(yg nie sangat true..memang nie je pun yang aku suka buat..hehehe..but watch tv,,kureng ckit...)

5. what would your friends probably say about you?
my answer: im a very funny and a good friend(??....hanya memenuhi kehendak comme…