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Ramblekosong: I won't say goodbye my dear friend

credit to Google

" Don't cry because it over, smile because it happen"
The hardest word that we try not to say is goodbye. All of us are try to avoid 
using this word because for us feels that every single moment that happened 
in our life shouldn't be stop just like that. Now that moment happen to me, 
this Saturday will be our last class so it's time to say goodbye to all my fellow 
MCMF classmates. Frankly speaking this is the most unforgettable experience 
that i will never ever forget ;( .Every day we woke up early morning and came 
to class and met same faces, shared each others experiences, work in 
team and laughed together, shared feeling and that's enough to make us 
closed day by day. This programmed also not just thought me about 
educational area, but  personally i think that this programmed actually thought 
me a lot about friendship and  from that friendship actually we build work 
team and that makes us can work together until now. 
What can i say is we can…