Do you speak your mind?

quiz yg di jwab dgn sangat tak ikhlas...coz it's just for bwh nie soalan- soalan yang aku kena jawab....

1. you r having a party, and you r have a couple of friend over. one friend whisper into another friend's ear,looking at you. you :
my answer: ask why they staring at you ( mmg saje je nak carik pasal la tue.. tgk2 org de hutang ke...)

2. what would you most likely be doing at party
my answer: eating (dah tue nak wat pe..tak kan nak tgk orang pulak...da name pun party..cnfrim carik    makan dulu..ngeh..ngeh..)

3. how do you think people would describe you
my answer: funny (ramai org cakap yang aku nie kelakar...kelakar ke??...mmg sangat confius ..)

4. what would you rather do right now?
my answer: draw/watch tv/text/read/computer/ something else (yg nie sangat true..memang nie je pun yang aku suka buat..hehehe..but watch tv,,kureng ckit...)

5. what would your friends probably say about you?
my answer: im a very funny and a good friend (??....hanya memenuhi kehendak comment)

6. do you talk about how you feel at times with your friends or buds?
my answers: never. i dont want anyone to know how i truely feel. ( true...tak kan terjadi..(^_^)......)

so the result is....

most of the time....
you are a very good person , and you know your limits. you know when something is wrong, and speak your mind often. though, you also know when no to.

p palang s: quiz nie saje- saje je untuk mengisi kebosanan yang ia tak de kene mengena dengan diri sendiri and apatah lagi orang lain...:)


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