Ramblekosong: I won't say goodbye my dear friend

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" Don't cry because it over, smile because it happen"

The hardest word that we try not to say is goodbye. All of us are try to avoid 

using this word because for us feels that every single moment that happened 

in our life shouldn't be stop just like that. Now that moment happen to me, 

this Saturday will be our last class so it's time to say goodbye to all my fellow 

MCMF classmates. Frankly speaking this is the most unforgettable experience 

that i will never ever forget ;( .Every day we woke up early morning and came 

to class and met same faces, shared each others experiences, work in 

team and laughed together, shared feeling and that's enough to make us 

closed day by day. This programmed also not just thought me about 

educational area, but  personally i think that this programmed actually thought 

me a lot about friendship and  from that friendship actually we build work 

team and that makes us can work together until now. 

What can i say is we can have a friend because we want to have a friend. 

I'm very lucky to have friends like all my classmates, even we are in different 

educational background but we still can work together as a team. 

The best part is our class can be considered as the best class ever 

^___^v because we love no 1 very much. Actually the title is not the 

interesting part for me, i didn't even care whether we are the 

best ever class or not but for me is the feeling to be a part on class 1 

itself give me special feeling. Seriously i will miss all my fellow friends after 

this. So now, the time has come even though it's hard, we have to face it. 

We don't need a year to know each others just a month we had create a 

beautiful friendship and unforgettable memory in our deep heart.

I wont say goodbye to you guys because I believe we will meet again in one 

fine day. ^___^V

"You and I will meet again, When we're least expecting it, 
One day in some far off place, I will recognize your face, 
I won't say goodbye my friend, For you and I will meet again."



yes....to say goodbye is the hardest word...ermm..but i will miss u =)
Nurul Majdah said…
sob..sob...i will miss u tooo cheerful girl!!!...:)
Nurul Majdah said…
hey mr subjective!!...yeah dis time yes 4 u...goodbye is subjective..=)
Nurul Majdah said…
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